Goodbye Brooklyn, Hello Beijing

Exciting news: I’ve taken on a new role at Avenues: The World School, and it will move me for the foreseeable future to Beijing. 

Brooklyn has been my home since I left Guiyang.  I’ll miss biking to Williamsburg for coffee; walking with my dog in Prospect Park; finding a new fantastic restaurant each weekend with my wife.  I’ll miss my friends, and my colleagues.  I’m sad I wont be in Brooklyn when the Nets beat the Thunder in the 2014 NBA Finals.

In fact, I wouldn’t even consider leaving this little hipster heaven if not for such an exciting project.  Avenues is building a global school with three goals in mind: graduating students who are

        fluent in multiple languages;

        active global citizens;

        prepared to do well and do good in the 21st century.

We will do this, in part, by opening 20 campuses in 20 global cities, and encouraging our students to move between them.  Now that our flagship campus is up and running here in NYC, we’re ready to expand.  China is an ideal choice for campus #2. 

So what’s to come?  In the short term, I’ll be able to build programs in China for our current students from New York.  In the longer term, I’ll help hire our new faculty, help oversee construction of our new campus, help drum up applicants from China, and help facilitate a cross-pollination between the NYC curriculum, and the best of the Chinese curriculum.

And, of course, I’ll have plenty to write about.  


2 responses to “Goodbye Brooklyn, Hello Beijing

  1. albert g. besser

    You will recall you and I e mailed one another after I had written about my enjoyment of KOSHER CHINESE. (I think I have been responsible for aat least 50 sale; our local Jewish Community will be using it for a book discussion. IM son is the Rabbi at Cong. Beth Shalom in Bloomington, Ind. and they have already had a session devoted to it) will be in NYC for a week starting 2/16 and had hoped I could meet you. So I am sorry you are back in China but fascinated by your current assignment. am signing up for you blog, and wish you all goodluck. a.g. besser

    • Great to hear from you again! Indeed, as you head to NYC, I’m here in Beijing. If we are lucky, our paths will cross at a later date. In the meantime, thank you so much for reading. . . and Happy Year of the Horse!

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