A nice shout out from my buddy Alan Paul– author of Big in China— naming Kosher Chinese as one of his favorite books.  Thanks Alan!


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  1. Hi, I am a freelance translator living in Oklahoma. I am originally from Chengdu. I graduated from Gui da in 2004 and majored in English Literature. I enjoy your book and now I may have a chance to introduce it to more of my folks. Before I submit the publication proposal, I would like to know whether you are comfortable with the idea or if the copyright has already been sold. You can reach me by email.

    • Hi Jane. Thanks for writing! I passed your interest on to my agent, and he’s in touch with my publisher. I’d certainly love to see the book translated into Chinese. Evelyn Wang also contacted me via Facebook, and let me know of your interest. Thanks again so much for reaching out, and I’ll see what Will (my agent) has to say.

      • Hi Michael, good to hear from you. Evelyn and I are working together. She is coordinating this project. It would be more efficient for your agent to talk to her instead of to me. Your book brought back so many memories. I am VERY excited about the opportunity to translate it. Talk to you later.

  2. I have read your book after seeing the excerpt in Reader’s Digest…THe Reader’s Digest I read in August of 2011 just after being in Guiyang to adopt our son. How pertinent it was to see that!

    I also am a parent at the local Chinese school and was hoping to arrange for you to visit to talk about your experiences, if not leter this spring, certainly in the fall. I am efforting to have a book club set up where this book would be a featured title.

    Thanks for your writing of this book…it brought back memories and does every time I pick it up.

    • Hi Scott. Thanks for reading! Happy to try to put together a visit, if we can work out the details. I love hearing that Kosher Chinese is used in book clubs– I’ve seen some interesting conversations develop. I hope you and your family are well, and I’ll look to hear from you.


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