Remembering Mike Wallace

China’s current generation of leadership is famous for its ability to stay out of the media.  Weeks and months can go by with near total invisibility.  Like umpires in baseball games, or cornerbacks in the NFL, Hu Jintao and the top leaders of the Communist Party feel they are at their best when never even noticed.

One result is that few Americans know what China’s leaders look like.  You can probably picture Vladamir Putin, or the Pope.  But how about Hu Jintao?During my book tour, I’ve shown audiences all across the country pictures of famous Chinese.  They recognize Yao Ming; they recognize the Dalai Lama; they recognize Chairman Mao.  But few have ever recognized Hu.

Why has Hu assiduously avoided ever giving an interview?  Why does he seem to hide from the media?

The answer might be Mike Wallace.  Check out this great link, “Is Mike Wallace the reason Chinese leaders don’t give interviews?”


3 responses to “Remembering Mike Wallace

  1. Wow. I can’t believe you have called HHDL Chinese. Wow. I am so disappointed. Is that so you can remain in China’s good graces?

  2. I bought your book. Michael Levy’s need to look out for other Michael Levys.

    Best of luck.

    Mike Levy

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