2011 Discover Great New Writers Award Winner

Needless to say, a great honor.  Thanks to all the judges and readers at Barnes and Noble, and for all who have read the book.


As a side note, I’ve started Scott’s book, untouchable, and it is simply mesmerizing.  He builds up and shatters the noir genre in the first 100 pages. . . can’t wait to keep reading.


12 responses to “2011 Discover Great New Writers Award Winner

  1. Congratulations Michael! You very much deserve this honor! My book will be coming out in the next three months.

  2. congratulations on your book michael! i love it (have spent some time in china and your observations are spot on) and have chosen it to read as a summer reading book with our kids at springside chestnut hill academy.

    • Fantastic! What’s the class?


      • our upper school students can choose from a number of books faculty and staff have selected and i selected yours. so students can choose to be in my group and we will discuss the book in the fall when everyone returns from summer break. could you send me an email (aanspach@sch.org) because i would like to ask you a couple of questions. thanks!!

  3. Michael:

    I just finished the book and thought it was great. I am also Jewish and born and raised in the Philadelphia area and still live there. I also have a Guizhou connection; I adopted a little girl from Guizhou in 2005, the time when you were in China. Your pics of Guizhou remind me so much of my adoption trip there. I am not a writer but have an idea for another book about Guizhou province and would like to discuss it with someone familiar with Guizhou. Please send me an E-mail when you can. Also, when is your next appearance in the Phila. area? I’m so sorry I missed the recent one at the Y; I just started the book 3 days ago and finished it yesterday.

    • Hi Wendy! I’m really glad to meet you and I’d love to hear more of your story. Maybe we can connect via regular email. . . Would you be willing to send along your email address?

  4. Sure, Mike. My E-mail is:


  5. Hi Mike,
    I loved your book. I too have a Guizhou connection. I found out about your book from Wendy. My daughter was adopted from Guizhou in 2005, we were there in November. I loved your book and I just suggested it for my FCC book club. We will be meeting in a few weeks to discuss it. I loved your writing and found myself laughing out loud and nodding my head. Do you ever travel up to Westchester NY? Our group would love to hear you speak. I can be reached at leigh giusti @ verizon dot net. (remove spaces)

  6. Congratulations on your well-deserved award! I just finished the book last night and I loved it! Like a couple of other commenters, I have a beautiful daughter adopted from Guizhou province in 2005. According to her paperwork, she is of the Bouyei minority. I asked our guides during the adoption process how they could possibly know this, and I was told they could tell by her facial features and by where she was found. She certainly doesn’t look like most Chinese little girls, and she really stood out among our travel group. Anyway, I really enjoyed reading about your adventures at the Guiyang Walmart and other places I visited while in Guiyang. I only wish I could have been there during your reign as Santa. Now I’m going to take some time to explore your blog and check out your pictures. Thanks for helping me understand more about my daughter’s heritage and place of birth.

  7. I really enjoyed your book. I read it when it first came out. I teach a course in Modern Asia at an independent school in Baltimore and had hoped to use it last year but could not make it work with the book order timing, This year, I gave students a choice and nearly all of them selected your book. They are finding it informative, enjoyable and accessible. Is there a way they could ask you some questions?

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