Barnes and Noble Shortlist, Great New Writers

Thanks to everyone for all of their support for Kosher Chinese!  Barnes & Noble has shortlisted the book as one of the three best non-fiction titles of 2011 for its Discover Great New Writers Award.  Previous Discover authors include Frank McCourt, David Gutterson, Chang-rae Lee, Jennifer Egan, and many more.  Flattering company, to say the least.

The winners of the award will be announced at a ceremony next month.  I’ll be wearing a tie.


5 responses to “Barnes and Noble Shortlist, Great New Writers

  1. I am reading your book now, and love it. I have been thinking about teaching in China….but millipedes and dogs? Definitely put a damper on my enthusiasm. ; )

  2. Like deer wine? LOL Just finished your book this morning…and I was sorry it had to end. I recommended it to friends on my Facebook page. Keep writing!

  3. Your book was so funny!!! My mom read it before me and was laughing constantly and she told me I had to read your book, it was hilarious!!
    I loved the parts about your “handyman” and your funnily-named students xD
    And the ending was a perfect ending, it was one of those that I read and I had to process it, but after thinking about it it made a lot of sense. It gave me something to think about. Thanks for writing such a great book!!
    p.s. this Isn’t my Facebook account its my moms I’m not allowed to have one

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