The Most Influential Man in China in 2012?

Who will be the next Bill Gates?  Is there anyone in China who might change the world in a similar fashion?  According to Ai Weiwei (writing for WIRED magazine), the man with the biggest chance of changing the world in 2012 is not a scientist, an engineer, a politician, or a businessman.  Instead, it is Chen Guangcheng, the blind human rights activist.

Ai summarizes Chen’s career this way:

Chen Guangcheng is an activist from Shandong who lost his sight as a child; but he is a bright light that shines in the darkness. Without any professional training, he taught himself law to help himself and other disabled people and disadvantaged groups in rural areas. Outside China, he is best known for filing a lawsuit on behalf of women who suffered under China’s forced-abortion and sterilisation campaign. He has also fought for more equitable taxation of villagers and disabled people. He’s suffered a series of house arrests, detentions and trials and is currently confined to his home, along with his wife and daughter.


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