Who Said the Chinese Aren’t Innovators?

A chef constructs a homemade Hummer.


3 responses to “Who Said the Chinese Aren’t Innovators?

  1. Michael,
    I am currently a Chinese teacher at public high school and I have a lot of Jewish students. I read your story on Reader’s Digest and then bought the book not long ago. I just finished reading it and I LOVE it 🙂 I laughed sooo hard throughout the book. I am from Taiwan but have stayed in the US for over 16 yrs. You are a great writer! I have recommended your book to other American teachers who are traveling to China to teach English this summer :-). Happy New Year!!


    • Hi Grace. Thanks so much for reading! Where do you teach? 新年快乐 !


      • Grace Heebner

        I teach at Indianapolis Indiana. I just watched “Outsourced” today. You should make a movie out of your book. I am serious!! All Chinese teachers will buy it and show it to their students!!!!!! ~Grace

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