Barnes and Noble “Great New Writers”

B&N selected me as a “Great New Writer.”


8 responses to “Barnes and Noble “Great New Writers”

  1. I agree with B&N! Smart and funny writing. I’ve recommended Kosher Chinese to others and they have also enjoyed it. More, please!

  2. I could not agree more. I just finished the book in two days. I am teaching a Modern Asia elective with a focus on China and India this fall. I only wish I had it when I was ordering books for the fall. I will find a way to use it, though – may still be able to add it. Notice you taught at Moorestown Friends. I teach at Friends School in Baltimore.

    • Hi Molly. Yup: I taught for three years at Moorestown Friends (and went to a Quaker school for high school). I miss it!! Glad you liked the book, and glad to hear you’re teaching a modern asia elective. Not enough schools are doing China/ India. . . it’s kind of depressing. I taught a modern china course at the school I was at up in New Hampshire and the kids really liked it. Lemme know if you want a guest speaker for your class. 🙂

      In friendship,


  3. I’ve missed my stop twice in a week because I was so wrapped up in your book.

    Thank you for your insightful and funny anecdotes about your time in China. I’m fortunate to be from Guangzhou and had to opportunity to move to the US. But there’s a part of me that wishes I am more connected to my own culture.

    My language limitations prevent me from having a deeper conversation with my relatives; many who still live in rural and coastal China. I’m grateful to be able to get a sense of what their lives and ideology might be through your book.

    • Hi Heidi. Thanks so much for reading and for your kind comments! I agree: it’s tough to stay connected to our roots, especially here in New York. Everything moves and changes so quickly. . .

  4. Hi Mike,

    I am really excited about the course. I plan to have the students read, blog, discuss, Skype, etc. It will be inquiry driven so I know some of the big events, issues we need to discuss but the rest will be driven by student interest. I’m starting off by showing them 2 Million Minutes. Okay – sorry if I’m oversharing. I’m really psyched.

    I would LOVE to have you talk to my class.


  5. My wife and I read your book while enjoying a two week “recalibration” (vacation) in the US. We are Americans living in Heilongjiang Province in China and just completed our first year of life in China.

    Your book describes, much better than anything we could write, the experience of living in China when you leave the comfort of the cities with Western Amenities. We have suggested the book to family and friends to “confirm” many of the stories we have tried to tell yet have trouble getting people to believe are actually true.

    Thank you for sharing your experience — things like being unable to change the course of a river have been helpful in framing our experience.

    One minor note . . . it seems that your site (and registering) may not be passing freely through our internet “filter” here.

    Best Regards.

    • Hi Mike. Thanks for reading! I hope your experience continues to be rich . . And I’m a bit jealous that you’ll be heading back to China after your vacation. What are you up to over there?

      I’m sure having someone with whom you can share the adventure makes it all the more wonderful.

      As for the “filter”. . . I’ve heard wordpress is often caught up in the Great Firewall. Do you ever use a proxy server? It can help you dodge the net nanny.


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