Book Events

Denver, CO: 7/11 at the Tattered Cover
Brooklyn, NY: 7/15 at Book Court
Concord, NH: 7/28 at Gibsons
SF, CA: 8/4 at Books Inc.


2 responses to “Book Events

  1. Dear Mr. Michael Levy:
    I am interested in writing a book review of your new title. I write for Asian Avenue, a magazine based in Denver. I attempted to contact via email at the publishing house but hope this is a good way in reaching you.
    How can I obtain a press copy of the book and photos to include with the feature? I also would like to meet you either before or after the signing at Tattered Covers. I appreciate any assistance you can provide me in this assignment. I look forward to meeting you and reading your book. MJS

    • Hi Mary. Good to get your email!

      I can have my publisher send you a copy of the book if you provide an address. You can email me here or at my gmail ( and I’ll make sure my publicist gets the info. She can also send along some pictures.

      Shall we set up a time to meet while I’m out in Denver?

      Looking forward to meeting you!


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