Audio on Kosher Chinese

A brief interview about the memoir.


3 responses to “Audio on Kosher Chinese

  1. Hey, Michael!

    Any chance of getting a pre-pub copy for our friend’s Jewish daughter who leaves for the Peace Corps in Chengdu June 26? It’d be the perfect gift. Could we buy one from you directly? (I know she’ll have a Kindle, but that won’t help until the pub date, either).

    It’s not just China. When I went off to college at Bowling Green in 1964, my roommate asked what religion I was. When I told him “Jewish”, he started staring at the top of my head, and said “I never met a Jewish person before, and we were always taught that they had little bumps where the horns used to be.”

    I’m 6’6″ and everywhere we went in China people called me “Yao Ming”. (I did stand between Wilt and Lew Alcindor when I chauffeured for the NBA at at Kutsher’s in the Catskills).

    Best of luck with the book! Send a copy to Jim Fallows at “The Atlantic”. I’m sure he’d give the book a great plug (and/or review).

    • Hi Jerry. I’m happy to send along a copy– my publisher actually just provided me with a handful, hot off the presses. It’s possible that your friends daughter will end up in Guiyang, where I served. I’m jealous of her upcoming adventure!

      Where should I send the book? And how did you hear about it?


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